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Scarf + Turtleneck

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

How to wear a scarf with turtleneck

This is my favorite turtleneck sweater and I wear it all the time, especially in winter. I think a simple, black, cashmere roll neck is the ideal frame for your favorite scarves. It gives endless possibilities and can be combined with basically any scarf. I especially like to combine it with a knitted scarf, for warm and cozy looks.

How to wear a scarf with roll neck sweater

Or, I often combine it with a silk carre, that softens the formal look of a simple turtle neck. Did you know that polo-neck( Roll neck, or turtleneck) exists from at least the 15th century and were worn by knights under chainmail? In the 20th century it was popularized by movie stars like Jane Mansfield, Audrey Hepburn and Gretta Garbo.

How to wear a scarf with polo neck sweater

I found a great article on the history of the roll-neck sweater , I will link it at the end, if you are interested. And here are the videos with these styles:

And Here is that great article on the history of turtlenecks! I hope you like it!

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