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My  Hermes Collection

I started my Hermes collection in 2007 when I lived in Paris. In 2020 I acquire some vintage Hermes scarves as well. I've tried to add some facts about my scarves. If you know more on these design, please let me know, I would love to add more information in the description.

PS. I add  content to this website every week. If you couldn't find something that you are looking for, come back in a few weeks, or contact me.

colour masalA

Hermès Colour Masala scarf

100% silk. 35” x  35” (89 x 89cm)


Hermès Colour Masala is designed by N.S. Harsha and issued in 2008. It features the artwork of the artist who is known for his use of miniature figures in his painting. The artist has been invited to design a scarf for Hermes after his exhibition at Maison Hermes in Tokyo in 2008.

Early America

100% silk. 35” x  35” (89 x 89cm)


"Early America" by Francoise de la Perriere. This design from 1979 is the second version of her 1970 design. This scarf pays homage to the youthful America of President George Washington and First Lady Martha Washington. The design is inspired by a popular American art form at of paper cutting, or "canivet." This popular design was reissued in 1984, 1997, 1999, 2004/05 and 2009/10.

Le Pegase d'Hermes

100% silk. 35” x  35” (89 x 89cm)


Le Pegase d'Hermes Designed by Christian Renonciat, a french architect. Famous detailed anatomical drawing “a mechanical construction, a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci and the dream of building a new world.”. Le Pegase d'Hermès limited edition for the opening of Maison Hermès Shanghai

La Vie Du Grand Nord

100% silk. 35” x  35” (89 x 89cm)

La Vie du Grand Nord by Alaine Honoré was first issued in 2004 and re-issued in 2010

AH video pic 3.png

sur un tapis volant

100% silk. 35” x  35” (89 x 89cm)

Hermes Silk Scarf Sur un Tapis Volant was designed by Annie Faivre, a French artist and issued in 2006/2007.



100% silk. 35” x  35” (89 x 89cm)

Hermes Charreada was designed by Jean de Fougerolle and first issued in 1990. A wonderful depiction of a charreada, a Mexican rodeo based on the traditional working practices of the charros or cowboys.




100% silk. 27” x  27” (70 x 70cm)

Hermes Grand Carrosse pour an Ambassadeur scarf was designed by Lise Coutine and first issued in 1961.

And it was reissued in this size in 2007.


For more information on this design and tutorial using this scarf please click here 

Grand carrosse pour un Ambasadeur headscarf
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