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About me/ My scarf collection


Hi! My name is Elena.  :) I have a huge scarf  collection, vintage and modern, silk and polyester, cheep and expensive.  I'm always looking for a new way to tie them, to wear them.

I was born in Russia. In my twenties, I moved to France and now I live in Canada.  I have worn scarves since my teens, but the  collection started in Paris, where I bought some  beautiful French brand scarves in a discount store. 


When I moved to Canada I learned about  great scarves brands from the UK and USA, like Jacqmar, Vera and Liberty of London,  and I started collecting  vintage scarves as well. 

I wear scarves most of the time. Neck scarf, head scarf or a scarf on purse, I always have one scarf on me. It is like a final touch to my outfit. It helps me feel elegant  even if I just wear a pair of jeans and a sweater.

We probably all have this type of favorite accessory . It can be perfume for someone, or earrings for someone else. For me this is a scarf.

I do many  vintage style  scarf  recreations of stars or styles from movies and old pictures. If you are interested, you can watch scarf tying tutorials on my channel " How to tie a scarf" on YouTube.

PS. I add  content to this website every week. If you couldn't find something that you are looking for,  try to come back in a few weeks, or contact me.

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