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Scarf for Office (Get Creative!)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

You have probably already seen some of these styles. Every time I’ve seen them in Hermès

booklets, I thought they were perfect for a young and slim girl as a beach wear. Did you have the same idea?

One day I saw a picture of a lady on Instagram, who was not slimmer and younger then I am, but was wearing the first style with a white shirt and jeans.

Wow, I thought, I have to try this! I started experimenting with some scarf tying techniques, and I came up with these 3 styles that adapt easily to an office dress code.

Just pair it with a classic white shirt!

I used a classic square Hermes 35”’ (90cm) .If your size is bigger than M , just try it with a bigger scarf.

Do you have any style on your mind that can be also adapted from beach to office?

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