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How to wear your headscarf like a Star! Famous "Babushka" Style and how to tie it!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Do you know the Babushka headscarf style? I am pretty sure I do, even if you call it differently. I love it, It looks so feminine and elegant . Also, it really features the pattern of your scarf.

A year ago a viewer asked me to make a video on a headscarf style, a triangle tied under the chin, she couldn’t make it look right.

I made a video on this style with some tying secrets and since then it has been one of my more successful tutorials on YouTube. Here is that video:

Recently, I made another video with 3 more variations of the famous Babushka:

A Babushka with an asymmetrical knot.

The Queen Elisabeth’s head scarf style.

And, a Babushka from 2 scarves.

By the way, do you have more ideas for this style? Also, what do you call this style of headscarf? Write to me in the comments! And here is the 2nd video :

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