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 I add  content to this website every week. If you couldn't find something that you are looking for,  try to come back in a few weeks, or contact me.

ps2 (2).png

This beautiful silk scarf is a Russian shawl made in Pavlovo Posad, a small russian town famous for its traditional shawls. Originally,  it had fringe,  but I took them off. I think it' looks less traditional and more stylish this way.


If you want to see 2 more styles and tutorial click here

vlcsnap-2020-07-29-14h15m46s982 (5).png

I love old movies. And I love vintage scarves.

These 3 styles is a recreation from the 1940th head scarf styles.

If you want to see 2 more styles and tutorial click here

vlcsnap-2020-07-29-14h51m37s298 (5).png
vlcsnap-2020-07-29-19h38m57s158 (3).png
S & B 3.png
S & B 1.png
S & B 2.png

When I lived in Paris,  I  always paid attention on how the French women dressed. Click here to see the tutorial

If you go on vacation you are probably like me and never pack just one scarf.  In this video I show 3 retro headscarf styles great for summer made from 2 vintage scarves. Click here to see the video

RETRO SS Title.png
AH video pic 2 - Copy.png
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