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Turban Scarf from 1940th

The headscarf - in one form or another - became omnipresent in 1940th.

During the WW2 hats were rationed in Europe, so women were looking for a way to combat hat rationing by making turbans from scarves. As some women worked in new roles and positions , I assume headscarves would be useful to hide unwashed hair, due to the difficulties of obtaining adequate supplies of soap. A turban from scarf could hide a pin-curl hair set as well.

Also, a headscarf was a practical garment. Women were wearing it to keep their hair out of their faces when they worked in the factory. It was often a requirement to have some sort of head covering to avoid hair getting in the machine.

I've noticed that turbans from this period are characterized by high volume on the top and they were shifted back so you can always see the hairline or the fringe. I think these two details are the key to succeed in this retro look.

These 3 turbans from scarf are recreations of pictures from 1940th.

If you want to see the full tutorial please watch this video.

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