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Scarf History: Ascot scarf, women’s style.

Today, let's talk about Ascot style scarf. This style has been a form of men's neckwear for at least the last two centuries. Originally worn by British gentlemen attending the races at Royal Ascot, it looked different then.

Ascot scarf women's style

In the early 21st century, as female emancipation gathered pace, more women entered the workforce and gained the right to vote. In the 1920’s women's’ clothing became more masculine, taking on a looser and sporty appearance.

Ascot scarf women's style

1930’s Hollywood actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mozelle Britton, and Fay Wray capitalized on these new freedoms wearing men’s clothes on and off the screen more frequently, whilst at the same time the ascot scarf established itself in the wardrobe of emancipated women.

Ascot scarf women's style

The earliest picture of a woman wearing an ascot scarf dated 1930s . Amelia Earhart was an American pilot and first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She wore numerous ties and scarves and her preference for masculine styles led to censure in the press. In the late 70’s, we saw this style featured on the cover of the book “Woman’s Dress for Success”. The legendary Grace Kelly was also an enthusiastic adopter of this look.

Ascot scarf women's style

Even though this style knot stays basically the same as modern ascot scarf for men, women bring their touch to this originally men’s style.

Here is the video about this style:

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