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Plisse Scarf , a scarf that makes you feel like you are a Scarf Expert.

Some scarves don't need complicated folds. And a plisse scarf is one of these.

A few weeks ago I found this scarf in a thrift store. I told myself “it’s weird, I don't have any plisse scarf in my collection, I have to have it!” I brought it home, washed it (in a washing machine! It's an unkillable polyester) and started my experiments.

After a few minutes I was in love with this scarf. Whatever I did, it looked "Wow!" It looked spectacular. I tied one knot after another, asking myself “what else I can do?” Actually, it is a very interesting feeling when the fabric guides you. Just try to feel how the plisse wants to be opened or folded.

If you are new to scarf tying, start learning from a plisse scarf. Also, it can be a great exercise for an experienced scarf lover too.

All 3 scarf styles are based on elementary knots, but a few modifications make it look like you are a scarf expert. A plisse scarf is clearly the star of the show. The best way to wear it, in my opinion, is with a simple t-shirt or long sleeve. My plisse scarf size is 27” x 27”( 70 x 70cm)

You can watch this video to see the full tutorial on these 3 styles:

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