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Oblong Scarf: Office Style

Some scarf knots may look too informal for the office. If you want to wear a scarf and look professional, an oblong scarf is your best friend. It usually reminds me of a man’s tie. What can be more formal?

Here are 3 ways to wear your oblong scarf with a shirt. I have this lovely double sided Chanel scarf. I’ve never had this type of scarves before and it is very interesting to experiment with it, to see the knot that looks the best. Even though it is beautiful , it is not obvious to style it. That's why I love it, scarves like this makes me think outside of the box.

First I tried some bows, but that looked too bulky, I continued my trials and discovered that the double sided scarves like this are best folded in simplest knots with some structure like the style 1 and style 3. The second style is good if you want to add some flow to your scarf.

By the way, I will have another video with this scarf with some new styles, I hope you like the ideas and they will make you experiment with your oblong scarves too!

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