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How to wear a large silk shawl that slips off all the time?

This beautiful silk scarf is a Russian shawl made in Pavlovo Posad, a small Russian town famous for its traditional shawls. Even though I grew up less than 90 km away from this town, I started to be interested in traditional shawls only a year ago, when I received one as a gift. But this is another story.

Before getting into the subject I was pretty sure that Russian traditional shawls are made of wool only. That was a surprise when I found that there are a lot of silk, cotton and viscose scarves too.

This scarf is quite large 53” x 53” ( 135 x 135cm) and it’s called “Magnificent Century” . The fabric is pretty slippery and I haven’t found the possibility to wear it as a headscarf yet. As it is slick and heavy it just slides off. I should try it with a cotton underscarf one day. It looks gorgeous on the shoulders, even though I still have to think how to style it , so I don’t lose it on my way. :)

Originally, this shawl had a fringe, but I took it off. I think it looks less traditional and more stylish this way. What do you think?

I have 2 videos on how to wear it and some styles are relatively uncommon. How do you wear scarves that slip off all the time?

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