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How to combine your scarves: Retro inspired looks!

vintage scarf style

These styles are inspired by 2 vintage scarves that I received from my dear friends from the UK.

The green and yellow scarf reminds me of my grandmother's scarf that she wore sometimes when we went to the forest to mushroom. But my favorite is the floral one. I love the arrangement of the bucket because it looks very different with different folds. Folded as a band the flowers wrap my head or frame it. The colors look so spring and late summer to me.

vintage scarf style

I started my experiments with it, I thought that the styles appearing were lovely but common, nothing special. Then, I noticed that the green color from the first scarf is the same as the colors of the leaves on the floral. I decided to combine 2 scarves to see how that looked.

vintage scarf style

You see the results: 3 retro inspired looks from the 1960th and 1970th. Sometimes combining scarves can lead to some unexpected results.

After these experiments I mix my scarves more often and sometimes it works.

vintage scarf style

Have you ever tried to combine your scarves?

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