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"Grand Carrosse pour un Ambassadeur" medium size Hermes Scarf

These 5 styles are made from a medium size Hermès scarf “Grand Carrosse pour un Ambassadeur” 27’ x 27” (70 x 70 cm). I don’t see Hermès scarves this size quite often, and tutorials on it are even more rare.

Historical note: This design by Lise Coutin from 1961 was inspired by The Golden Carriage of Prince Joseph Wenzel I von Liechtenstein. It was commissioned by Prince Joseph Wenzel I von Liechtenstein to Nicolas Pineau in 1738 for processions as imperial ambassador in Paris.

Now the carriage belongs to the Coach Museum in Liechtenstein. To know more on this carriage please visit the website of LiechtensteinThe Princely Collections

This particular size scarf was reissued in 2007. It also exists in 55” x 55” (140 x 140cm) cashmere silk blend shawls.

To see the tutorial on these styles with some secrets to nail your scarf look every time please watch his video :

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